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Invest in Mutual Funds with the ARQ Investment Engine

ARQ is an intelligent investment engine which uses machine learning and cognitive technology to give you personalised recommendation to grow your wealth.


1 Billion+ Data Points

Advanced Technology

Personalised Suggestions

Experience ARQ

I am years old.
I plan to stay invested for years.
My experience in investing spans
When it comes to investing this money, my priority is
If my portfolio lost 20% or more in a year, I would:

ARQ Simplifies Stock Market Investing

Instant Account Opening

Angel Wealth has an instant account opening process, enabling you to invest in stock markets immediately.

High Level of Personalisation

ARQ understands your risk profile, your life style and your interests to give you the perfect mix of stocks and mutual funds SIPs to suit your needs.

Data Driven

As ARQ has access to over 1 billion data points and it has no emotional bias, the recommendations for the best performing mutual funds and stocks are based on scientific algorithms which take into consideration an array of possibilities.

Mutual Fund Investments Like Never Before

Start Mutual Fund investments instantly with Angel Wealth and ARQ will help you out unique recommendations.

Start small and invest in mutual funds with Angel Wealth SIP

  • Lower Risk
  • Disciplined Investing
  • Flexible

Live large and invest big with Angel Wealth Lump Sum Mutual Funds

  • One-time investment
  • Perfect for long term
  • Convenient

Mutual Fund Investment With ARQ

Portfolio Score

RQ has an unique algorithm that can score your portfolio and help you improve it as well. Here’s how it works

Step 1
ARQ reads your Mutual Fund Portfolio
Step 2
ARQ reads your Stock Portfolio
Step 3
ARQ assigns a score based on future potential of the assets
Step 4
ARQ gives recommendations on how to improve it by suggesting better performing mutual funds SIPs and stocks