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Financial Goal Planning

Angel Wealth lets you achieve your dreams by helping you save money at every step along the way.

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is managing and organising your money. It includes keeping a track of your current expenses and savings to understand your spending patterns. Based on them, a financial plan is created which allocates your money according to the goals you want to achieve in the future.

Why do I Need Financial Planning?

Financial planning is important for everyone because saving money is the first step towards securing your financial freedom. A financial plan allows you to systematically save for the major financial goals you want to achieve. Having a financial plan brings stability in your life and safeguards you from getting into difficult positions later in life.

How can Angel Wealth help you?

Step 1

It lets you choose from a set of predefined goal like travel, honeymoon, house purchase and so on or you can set your own personalised goal.

Step 2

Fill in details like the cost, how soon you want to achieve it and it will give you the amount you need to invest monthly in a mutual fund SIP investment to reach your goal.

Step 3

You get to choose from a range of mutual fund investment options to achieve that goal in the fastest way possible.