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Tax Planning & Tax Saving Investment Options

Save your tax with efficient tax planning

Big Tax Savings With Ease

You can save tax up to 1.5 lakhs per tax cycle with Angel Wealth by choosing from more than 40 tax saving investment funds that we offer. Invest in tax saver mutual funds easily with just a few clicks.

Why invest in ELSS?

Angel Wealth offers you the best ELSS mutual funds to invest in which gives you higher returns than tax saving FD, PPF, Life Insurance etc.

Below table shows the comparison of ELSS funds with other tax saving investment options
Instrument Risk Profile Interest Lock-in Period
ELSS Funds Equity-related risk 12-15% 3 years
PPF Risk-free 8.10% 15 years
NPS Equity-related risk 8-10% Till retirement
NSC Risk-free 8.10% 5 years
FD Risk-free 7-7.5% 5 years
ULIP Equity-related risk 12-15% 5 years

Enjoy lower lock-in period of 3 years as compared to other tax saving schemes


Personalized tax saving mutual fund recommendations

Personalized tax saving with Angel Wealth’s ARQ

ARQ, our investment engine, suggests you the best tax saving investment options that is personalized to suit your financial goal. You can also easily invest in ELSS online without going through tiring paper work.

Choose your own investment method to save tax

You can invest in high performing ELSS funds online with a range of different options to choose from such as growth or dividend. You can also choose whether you want to invest via SIP or lump sum investment.


Starting a mutual fund is now just a tap away! From investing in SIP to setting your financial goal & investing in mutual funds to achieve them – our investment engine, ARQ, will help you do all this & much more.